Monday, December 26, 2016

Weekly Sketch Layout Challenge

I often times hit a creative block and will need a little inspiration.  Does that happen to you?  To mitigate that, some times I'll search Pinterest for ideas or I'll visit a Facebook Group called Stampin' Gals Gone Wild! where weekly the administrator +Connie Stewart  will post a sketch/layout for the members to interpret and post their cards based on the sketch.

I've decided to share my cards based on these and other sketches found across Pinterest.  I'll post a new sketch weekly on a Monday as well as my interpretation of the design.  If you'd like to join me, you's how:

1. I'll create an Facebook event and a photo album in my Facebook Group page and you can join the event and share your photo uploads.

2. You can comment here and include a photo.

There are always rules...but these are pretty simple

  1. All entries must have at least one (1) Stampin' Up product (after all, I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator)
  2. Post must follow the sketch; choice of stamp, sentiment, ink etc is entirely up to you
  3. You must post at least once in each week to be eligible for the giveaway
  4. To be eligible, all entries must be posted no later than 10pm on the last night of the month.

If you've posted to the photo album in Facebook, you will be entered into a drawing at the end of the month for a giveaway.   I'm not sure what I'll giveaway, yet, but it will be something.

Ok, so the 1st sketch for the week of 26 December 2016 - 1 Jan 2017  Thank you +Connie Stewart 

And....are you ready?  Well here's what mine looks like...

I used:

Stampin' Up! Fairy Celebration stamp set
Stampin' Up! Crumb Cake and Tangerine Tango cardstock
Stampin' Up! Stamp n Write markers as well as Copic markers

Can't wait to see what you come up with!  

Happy Stampin'

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. -Securing Bows and Ribbons

I love my Friday's off (although I went in to work for 1/2 day).  It's when I get to get together with my Stampin' friends and get creative and we share lots of tips, tricks and techniques with each other.

Yesterday's tip and trick came courtesy of +Sharon Coleman (relatively new to our Friday crop circle).  For my project yesterday, I was "struggling" with trying to make my bow without contorting my body in all sorts of uncomfortable positions.  +Sharon Coleman watched this struggle for a few minutes then said, "Do you need my finger?"  This led to can I show you something that works for me?  Enter in today's tip, trick and technique.

This tip involves a plastic bottle cap (really you can use whatever you'd like, but most inevitably you can find one of these lying around the home) and a toothpick...huh?  How's that gonna help me tie a bow?

LOL...that's what I thought to myself here's the add bows to your card when you are working by yourself:

1.  Wrap the material (in this case Baker's Twine) as many time as needed and secure to the back of the card panel with adhesive (regular tape, Stampin' Up! Fast Fuse or multipurpose liquid glue). Cut.

2.  Make the bow separately, another task in itself

3. Then adhere it to the card where needed.  add some Multipurpose liquid glue to the bottle cap.  Using the toothpick, place a dallop of glue where you need to secure the bow.  Voila...complete using 2 hands (maybe more in my case)

Here are the products used to make the card:
Tin of Tags Photopolymer Stamp Set

Multipurpose Liquid Glue #110755

Friday, December 2, 2016

Tool of the Week

There are soooooo many different "tools" in our arsenal as greeting card makers...and you all know, I love a good tool...(yes I said tool)...that I decided to get familiar with least the ones I already own (hint, purchasing of new tools just to blog about them...exactly who am I kidding).

Stampin' Up! Item# 141714

Much better 2nd result...needs just a lighter touch
This blog is going to focus on the brayer.  Ok, let's get the "formal stuff" out of the way... Wikipedia says, a brayer is a hand-tool used historically in printing and printmaking to break up and "rub out" (spread) ink before it was "beaten" using inking balls or composition rollers. The word is derived from the verb to "bray", meaning "to break, pound, or grind small, as in a mortar".[1] A brayer consists of a short wooden cylinder with a handle fitted to one end; the other, flat end is used to rub the ink.[2] In the late nineteenth century the term was mis-applied in the United States to a small hand-roller, "used for spreading ink on the inking table, and for applying it to the distributing plates or rollers connected with presses".[3] Such small rollers were sold as "brayers" from at least 1912[4] and later in the century the term was applied in the U.S.A. to hand-rollers of all sorts and sizes. It retains its original meaning in Europe. 
1st try using the brayer...wasn't too happy with the results

Fast forward to modern day and we now have the foam rollers.  These all-purpose Roller Foam Brushes are perfect for a host of arts and crafts applications including painting, applying glues and varnishes, antiquing and more.  They work well when sponging an embossed image or making a background in card making. 

My first attempt I wasn't too happy with...although I could find a way to utilize this end result, but I totally loved my 2nd attempt.    Leave me a comment on your experience using the brayer.